Early in the year 2020, humanity was confronted with a massive and unpredictable phenomenon.
The new corona, now known as Covid-19, spread rapidly and became a global pandemic.
The forced social distancing that followed the mutual suspension of economic activity had a huge effect on industry and, as a result, on far too many areas of growth.

The 3D Virtual Tour is a live, interactive, and useful experience, as each user can navigate and explore the space as if he were actually there.
It’s the perfect solution for professionals who want to promote their facilities, products, and services in a creative and groundbreaking way.
In order to maximize the value and output of 3D virtual tours, we also include the ability to use additional navigation tools such as entering content, details, photos, videos, music, or messages, Live Video Chat, communication through various means such as SMS, Whatsapp, and email, online shopping, and even the possibility of discounts and offers for the best possible experience and information of its users.

Finally, access to 3D virtual navigation is available at any time from each user’s computer, mobile or tablet device.

Real estate sellers, developers, companies, department stores, home, event, and restaurant owners who want to show off their space will benefit from 3D Virtual Tours, which are a creative, modern, and simple way to see real locations without having to go there.

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