As the year 2020 enters its second quarter, the whole planet is confronted with a circumstance that was completely unforeseen.
The epidemic of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has rapidly spread across the world.
This collective pause is clearly having a significant effect on industry.
Is the COVID-19 outbreak affecting your business?
Are you trying to figure out how to adapt to the situation and keep your company afloat?
3D technology is paving the way for video tours.

Under lockdown, viewings are impossible, but 3D Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality are assisting (
As COVID-19 keeps everyone safe in their own homes, it’s no secret that 3D technology is carrying the weight of keeping communication going for the real estate/retail and many other industries.
3D technology is making the impossible possible, and it’s ushering in a new era in which working from home isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Viewers and potential buyers can navigate their way through a space using 3D images using Virtual Tours, making them feel as if they are already there. All of our Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality experiences are built to be easy to share and viewable from any device.

Our Virtual Touring solutions will benefit your company in the following ways:

– Move their sales strategy to the internet.
– Promote products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
– Ensure the safety of their customers by being as clean as possible.
– Set yourself apart from the competition in the market.

Using Virtual Tours to Make the Most of a Difficult Situation

What are the advantages of doing a virtual tour for your company?

Full 360o interactive tours provide your website visitors with exclusive access to your location or commercial without ever leaving your site, thus increasing online visitor satisfaction, deals, and bookings. Digital tours, also known as sticky matter, are used to keep potential buyers on the platform longer by allowing them to interact with your products or services with just a click of a button.

Virtual tours are photo-realistic recreations of actual environments, mostly consisting of a series of still images.
Virtual tours are designed to allow your clients and consumers to walk around your commercial without having to use any process.
Digital tours have been available for a long time, and company owners must begin to see the value of using one as part of their overall marketing strategy.

People have become incredibly graphical as a result of web analysis platforms and social media.
This implies that a graphic aspect of the advertising that represents it at the highest level has grown in importance.
According to the Nielsen Norman Collection, most handlers spend less than 59 seconds on a site. So, if you don’t manage to detain a user’s allegiance in under a minute, you’ve lost them.

Virtual tours near me are a good example of appealing content that can entice people to linger on the website longer.
Digital tours will not only physically engage your potential buyers or partners, but they will also give them the opportunity to get a greater understanding of what you do and what you can deliver as a company.

Here are about profits of virtual tours for commerce.

With Google commercial vision, virtual tours boost the company’s discovery.

A 360-degree immersive tour can assist you in displaying your ad in order to attract more customers and set yourself apart from the competition. Increase visitor retention: Interactive tours are more admired than any other feature on a website. On average, they are observed for 5–10 minutes.
A virtual tour gives the business an additional boost of confidence by allowing consumers and clients to see how and where you work in private.
Clients are more empathic because they can see advertisements.

Increase traffic and interaction.
According to BIA/Kelsey report, 97 percent of consumers research products and services locally online before making a purchase.
Whatever the company, whether it’s trade, workplaces, or facilities, the sign suggests that if people know who you are, they’ll be more likely to buy or work with you.

Increase the number of sales and the speed at which they are produced.
When a website has 360-degree images, the transition rate on merchandise sold on such sheets is around 27% more dynamic than when the images are two-dimensional.
According to, products with the single spin factor have shift rates that are at least 10% higher and sometimes as many as 30% to 40% higher than goods without it.
Increase the number of people who apply for employment.

Until interviewing for a career, job interviewees now research firms.
By giving a virtual tour, you will give potential hires a better view of the workplace and pique their interest.

Virtual reality tours can be seen in almost any advert.
We demonstrated that it is possible at Expert 360 by using our Panono camera to create interactive tours for playhouses, restaurants, construction firms, equipment shops, car agreements, and more.
The possibilities are endless.

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